Wedding Favorite Things








my favorite things

my iPhone

Louis Vuitton


killer heels

diet coke

my camera

I've always wanted to be a ballerina and still do. I dream of tutus and pointe shoes and let's not forget the sparkling tiaras. I would totally be a ballerina instead of a photographer if... I was taller and could still eat Dairy Queen three times a week. Ballerinas are just so whimsical and magical on stage, however a Blizzard is pretty magical too. It made for a tough choice when declaring my major in college.

Scary movies are my cardio! Nothing gets my blood pumping like a spooky movie. I buy my ticket, settle in with my popcorn, extra large Diet Coke and peanut butter cups and in that few seconds at the beginning of the movie - you know when the eerie music is playing and its very, very dark in the theater - I look around and wonder.... just how in the heck did I get here? Why do I put myself through this? I have similar thoughts when I'm at the gym honestly.

Yes I am a total Trekkie for the original Star Trek. Not ashamed to admit it. Live long and prosper! I'm fascinated by technology - my camera is wicked cool - and I think its fun to suspend my disbelief and daydream about what the future holds. Did I mention my camera is wicked cool?

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